Svoora - Sketch & Draw - Magnetic Wooden Drawing Board

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A wooden magnetic sketching board!

Draw, erase, and draw again! With the metal magnetic shavings inside the board, you can create endless images and with a simple wipe of the eraser you can start from scratch. The 3 basic shape stamps and the 2 pens with different tips that are included, can help draw wonderful paintings that will amaze! The wooden surface offers stability and a unique drawing experience. The magnetic panel is replaceable as the back side of the board can be disassembled. Exclusively made from beechwood & plywood with non-sharp edges & non-toxic colors, to ensure children’s safety. Its handle makes it durable so to be easily carried everywhere! Get ready to enchant your audience with your beautiful & unique creations!


beech wood, plywood

30 × 23 × 1.6 cm