Egmont Toys, Belgian designed and manufactured since 1994, produce a large range of products, ranging from wooden toys to toys in metal, wickerwork, textile, soft toys, as well as decorative objects for children from 0 to 10 years and more. Their aim is to produce original and hand crafted creations of an outstanding quality at reasonable prices through a network of specialised shops and boutiques run by people who share a passion for children and toys. Play value and the educational character of a toy is an important aspect in the development of their toys. To stimulate and to build the character of a child, while at the same time giving him a great time is the objective.

The popular toys boast a wide range of benefits - here are a few we think you should know:

  • These meaningful toys are created with education and stimulation for children aged between birth and ten, in mind. Children can gain hours of playtime while learning. Starting from rattles and moving towards teaching colours, walking, and problem-solving, the range has something for everyone.
  • The toys are made at reasonable prices for everyone to enjoy. The company distributes its products through chosen boutiques, and specialised stores that they know are equally as passionate about the toy market as they are. It is essential to the brand that only trusted retailers distribute their products.
  • When you buy Egmont toys, you acquire handcrafted, quality products. Each item is quality tested and approved by the appropriate international safety bodies. The quality toy manufacturer also keeps the environment in mind, and production occurs safely for the ecology; this includes shipping materials. The ecologically friendly toys are mostly made using wood, metal, and other tactile materials that stimulate the sense of touch from a young age.

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