Tiger Tribe

We want to make it easy – and fun – for children to unplug and engage in creative play. 

Tiger Tribe products are thoughtfully designed in-house in Melbourne, Australia with Portable Play in mind.

Compact, easy to pack and convenient to carry, we make gifts and creative products that are ideal for little tigers (and parents of little tigers) on the go. 

Tiger Tribe Toys

Tiger Tribe Toys Stimulate Your Child’s Natural Desire to Learn through Play

Learning through play is a pivotal part of a child’s development. Your child’s mind expands within their environment while they process their surroundings. The Little Toy Shop offers Tiger Tribe toys that cater to each of their senses to keep your child entertained. 

What You Can Expect from The Little Toy Shop When Buying Tiger Tribe Toys Online

From the bathroom to the bedroom to the great outdoors, our Tiger Tribe toys and games will bring joy wherever your child chooses to play with them.

  • Our colouring books develop the vital hand strength that we use in our adult lives while teaching children how to grip a pencil properly. Colouring encourages self-expression, inspires creativity, and improves fine motor co-ordination. It also helps to develop focus in early learning development.
  • Bath time promotes distraction-free quality time between parents and toddlers. Make it a unique playtime experience with our range of bath toys while you wind down from the day and prepare your little one for bed. Water play provides a therapeutic and calming effect as your child loses themselves in the relaxing nature of scooping and pouring.
  • Our koala buddies sensory set encourages the development of motor skills while building nerve connections in the brain. This cuddly set is the perfect size for little arms to wrap around and stimulating the five senses inspires investigation and problem-solving.

Tips for Choosing Tiger Tribe Toys Online

Buying your child Tiger Tribe toys online will provide a fun past-time that will challenge your kids and nurture their critical skills for later in life.

  • Choosing open-ended toys for your child allows them to play a variety of games. Our waterworks pipeline is a great example of an open-ended toy, as your child can build multiple patterns with the same blocks. These toys remain fun as your child reaches different developmental stages and continue to provide enjoyment throughout each stage.
  • Playtime offers children a chance to learn and practice new skills over and over again. Selecting toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving challenges kids to figure things out on their own. Play items that spark your child’s imagination promote roleplay, which builds language and literacy skills. Toys that resemble the real thing encourage a feeling of capability in your child, emulating their parents, and they may inspire kids to take an interest in useful objects around them such as television remotes.
  • Crayons and fingerpaints develop early reading and writing skills and build familiarity with letters and numbers. Children are constantly active, so why not complement this fact with toys that promote physical activity such as balls and kites? Incorporating board games into play increases social interaction and creates quality family bonding.

A History of Toys 

Passed down for generations, toys and games represent the cultivation of traditions from multiple cultures. The ball, kite, and yo-yo made from clay and reeds are historically considered the oldest known toys. Modern technological developments brought more sophisticated toys into existence, and today’s toys may incorporate sounds, colour, and radio-controlled movement. New materials allow for more durable and versatile toys and designs.

Whichever toy you choose for your little one, we guarantee high quality paired with endless enjoyment. Contact us to find the perfect gift for your child.