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Warm a Little Heart: Order Exceptional Brands from Our Baby Toys Shop 

We have owned and operated our baby toys shop in Melbourne for three generations. View the fun, brightly-coloured, differently-textured, and jingling-tinkling-whistling toys that we provide to help your baby explore through sight, touch, sound, taste, and smell. 

When Buying Toys for Babies Online, Consider This

Baby researcher Dr Celeste Kidd states that “babies have mechanisms built in to prevent them from wasting time on things that don’t have sufficient amounts of learning value. You could think of that as boredom.”

  • She explains that babies are learning machines because they are perpetually exploring and searching for new encounters to marshal more information about the new and thrilling world around them. They lose interest if they come upon something that they already understand fully, which moves them to find something new and attention-grabbing. Babies may get bored if they can’t discover an exhilarating new object.
  • Avoid keeping your little one in one place without anything to watch or explore, since that may lead to your baby becoming unsettled and tearful. Curing their tedium is quite easy, however.
  • Tiger Tribe toys are carefully designed in-house in Melbourne to help babies and kids to relax and become absorbed in creative play. Their products are portable, easy to pack and carry, and perfect for keeping nippers happy and busy. There are a few fun options to look out for the next time you buy baby toys.
  • The Tiger Tribe Roly Poly Koala is suitable for three months and older and should keep a bub who is learning to crawl captivated for quite some time. The little fellow doesn’t mind being knocked over, pulled, and pushed, so tots can hit, drop, touch, and taste him to their hearts’ content. He always bobs back up again because he has a rounded, weighted bottom that whirls him upright. He makes a jolly, chiming, bell-like sound as he rolls around and inspires Baby to grab, push, and grip repeatedly. These actions teach your little one about cause and effect and help to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 
  • Our Tiger Tribe Nesting Blocks are for little people who love to sort, stack, and balance stuff. This adorable classic plaything consists of six hard-wearing blocks that Baby can pile up and nest. Buying these baby toys online will provide a series of learning concepts that tots can use as they develop. Each block is printed on five sides, is beautifully decorated with Gumtree Buddies characters, and forms a picture puzzle with all the buddies hobnobbing in a gum tree when Baby stacks them up in the right order. Babies will discover colours and shapes and learn about sizes, spatial relationships, numbers, and counting as they get older.

Give babies something different and fascinating that is “partially encoded” but not fully understood. Consider the objects that they have seen you using before but have never touched or investigated for themselves, such as your keys, measuring cups, or spoons. Supplement their natural curiosity when you order baby toys online.

A Short Buyer’s Guide When You Buy Toys for Babies Online

Ensure that the toys are simple and provide variety as well as stimulation.

  • Our Squeezy Rattle - Sophie la girafe® is an especially soft rattle toy that small hands can grasp easily. It entertains your baby because it makes an amusing and enchanting sound when you squeeze the body. Bells tinkle inside Sophie’s velvety smooth head, which presents Baby with a delightful touch sensation. Funny Sophie wears bright pink lipstick and is surface washable, vegan, cruelty-free, and packaged on a recyclable label card.
  • Wonderworld is an environmentally friendly company that only uses derivatives of culled rubber trees older than 25 years that no longer produce latex to manufacture their wooden toys. Their packaging is made of 70 percent recycled paper. Our baby toys store supplies several this brand’s special products, which they stain with botanical paints and craft from renewable resources. The Natural Stacking Ring is a classic toy. It brings your bub into contact with a variety of colours, teaches him or her to arrange different sizes and shapes in order, and helps to develop hand-eye coordination besides fine motor skills.
  • Consider a classic standard by Egmont when you buy toys for babies. The Belgian designer and toymaker focuses on both educational aspects and play value during the development phase. The company creates high-quality, original, hand-crafted toys that excite. Don’t miss their non-toxic painted Metal Spinning Top decorated with vibrant mushrooms and ducks. This great musical toy develops concentration, self-control, and hand strength as Baby pumps the handle to make the toy spin – and it starts singing when it rotates fast enough. The lovely colours, smooth texture, and connection between movement and sound will delight your little one.
  • Keep your tot of 12 months and older amused and busy in the bath with another timeless game: the ingenious spinning Fishwheel created by Ambi Toys. Watch the fish shimmy and wobble as you tilt and fill the funnel with water. Put it under a running tap to make it spin continuously. Ambi Toys is well-known for its vivid primary colours and unique designs. The Dutch company provides baby toys in Melbourne that teach through play. This one develops the imagination, sensory awareness, and fine motor skills plus critical and creative thinking.

Babies love to interact while they discover, learn, and have fun. They will find all these toys interesting to experience while you play together. Baby can feel different textures, see dazzling colours, explore a range of sounds, and discover cause and effect while learning how things work.  

Why You Should Use the Little Toy Shop to Buy Baby Toys Online

We know that babies become perceptibly more interested in the world that they live in from their second month on and that they develop very quickly. That’s why we provide a wide range of age-appropriate toys that Baby can make use of and enjoy.

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