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Find Unique Sensory Toys for Engaging Physical Fun

What are sensory toys? These toys feature a design intended to stimulate a child's natural sense of curiosity and wonder while delighting their senses. That could be anything from a small squishy toy to a full tin of colourful putty, ready for stretching and shaping. Always a fixture in the toy store, these items have exploded in popularity in recent years as more parents recognise the value in including sensory toys in the toy box. Ideal for everyone but especially useful for children with autism or ADHD, these toys provide an outlet and an opportunity for self-regulating behaviour.

At The Little Toy Shop, we're excited to stock a huge array of sensory toys perfect for children of many ages — and fun for the adults, too! With a history that goes back three generations, we know toys, and we're excited to share them with new families. Let's look at some of the other things to know about these items.

The Benefits of Sensory Toys for Melbourne Parents

What are some of the most common reasons cited for buying sensory toys from the shop? In other words, what makes them so much fun for the little ones? Some of the benefits include:

  • Letting children self-direct learning and discovery through the different sensations provided by different kinds of toys of this nature. When there's still so much to discover about your senses, toys offer lots of learning opportunities.
  • Sensory toys allow children to experience sensations and feelings in a safe, controlled environment while providing an important outlet for their bundles of boundless energy.
  • In some cases, sensory toys can be a calming or soothing retreat for a child, helping them to cope with stressful situations.

What to Expect from the Sensory Toys in Our Store

OK, enough about why these are a good buy — what about the actual products? Here's what to expect when you start exploring our catalogue. You'll find toys such as:

  • Things to squish and squeeze. More than just stress balls, squishable toys come in all kinds of funny shapes and sizes, from fruits to a ball made up of even smaller balls!
  • Slimes and snow. With just a little water, you can create a wonderland of different sensations or pretend that you're trekking on the frozen tundra with your child.
  • Putty options galore. From the classically colourful putty to products that come enhanced with unique scents, there's something for everyone to love here. 

About The Little Toy Shop

Who doesn't love a trip to the toy shop? That's the attitude our family has kept in mind for generations, and it's the one we still use today to inform all we do. A locally-owned business, we love being a part of our community and providing exciting options for holidays, birthdays, and especially those "just because I love you!" gifts. Explore our full range of fun sensory toys now, or give us a call if you have any concerns to discuss before you buy. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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