Bath Toys

Enjoy No-Tear-Tub-Time with Our Wide Collection of Bath Toys

At The Little Toy Shop, we understand toys are fun and creative to entertain and educate children, but sometimes they are also helpful tools to get us through parenting such as our range of bath toys, turning hygiene into fun. You’ll find a comprehensive collection of the most fun and exciting bath toys on our shelves. 

Benefits When You Buy Bath Toys Online

Often when out shopping you have your children with you, and the trip can quickly turn into an exhausting agony. Stretched between trying to explore the best toys to entertain your children when you need a break and keeping an eye on your kids all while thinking how much you need that break right now is not ideal. However, it isn’t your only option. You can buy all your toys for bath online at our online shop.

  • We stock a vast collection of bath toys catering to every age and desire of little ones who don’t appreciate a bath much and are very expressive in how they show you their distaste.
  • Our online store offers easy and secure payment solutions, and you can also benefit from our Afterpay option.
  • You can peruse our available options at a time convenient to you, at your home and with no distractions and once you’ve placed your order, we take only two days to get it out for delivery at a flat rate nationwide.

What You Can Expect from The Little Toy Shop Regarding Bath Toys Online

We have an exciting collection to keep your little ones entertained during their daily wash, turning tears into laughter, and taking the sting out of bath time. 

  • What can be more fun than bath puzzle jellyfish? These cute little see critters stick onto the tiles where you child can easily mix and match them and pair the various matching mates.
  • The bathroom duck is an icon, a symbol of many bygone childhoods. Now we have the mommy duck and her little ducklings in the same brilliant colours floating in a ball—a bath time favourite for many.
  • Immerse yourself into some deep-water dangers as the Coastguard boat rushes through crashing waves to save the lonely soul lost at sea. When you equip your bathroom from our fantastic range, your fun can only be limited by your imagination.

Are you ready for all the fun awaiting you in our bath toy collection? Make these moments in your day memorable ones, your kids probably won’t remember it, but you’ll sure do for years to come. 

Why You Should Use The Little Toy Shop

For the past 12 years, our family-owned business has been catering for every need your child might have for fun, excitement, exploration, creation, and a little magic. Our toys are perfectly suited for a range of ages and can benefit your child in numerous ways.

Explore our shelves, either in-store or online and see how we make shopping for toys easy. Speak to us about the many options we offer to transform any challenging moment into some fun shared with your child and our toys.