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The Oldenburg Stallion from schleich® HORSE CLUB is a talented dressage and jumping horse. He's comfortable at the top of the podium, and his sturdy, muscular frame is well-suited to pulling carriages...or tugging heavy notebooks out of your backpack. Whether you're navigating a jumping course or saddling up for math homework, the Oldenburg Mare figurine will give you the confidence of a champion.

First, the good news: You've captured a stolen treasure. Now the bad news: An angry crew of pirates is chasing you. Fortunately, your swift Oldenburger Stallion will carry you away and as you gallop away into legend, fame, and fortune.

A great new character to add to your HORSE CLUB cast, the Oldenburger Stallion figurine is beautifully hand-painted featuring Schliech's renowned accuracy and attention to detail. Suitable for all ages, this figurine looks great on a shelf—but you won't want to keep it there.

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