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When the Special Edition Midnight lion, roaring from Schleich® Wild Life struts across the savannah, silence reigns. His presence is simply that impressive. Majestically he strides along, drawing all eyes with his impressive mane. He might even feel a little nervous, but he would never let on - because that would be uncool. Or what do you think?
  • The Special Edition Midnight lion, roaring is a timeless collectible...but he'll soon vanish like a shadow in the dark of night. Catch him before he fades into legend!
  • So lifelike, other lions run for cover when the Special-Edition Midnight lion, roaring prowls into the room...let's get outta here!
  • The perils of the playground are no match for this big cat: Schleich® toys are tough enough for any environment, from the savannah to the sandbox.
  • The Special-Edition Midnight lion, roaring is part of the expanding Schleich® WILD LIFE collection, a theme world running rampant with animal figurines and wildlife play sets.
  • The only thing louder than a lion's roar is the sound of kids singing "Happy Birthday," but he won't concede the crown easily. Makes a one-of-a-kind lion gift for kids 5 and up.
  • Schleich® wild animal figurines for toddlers and kids introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From realistic ocean and jungle animal figurines to our popular playsets, Schleich® WILD LIFE lets your stories run wild.