Quercetti - Play Eco+ - Kaleido Gears

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Construction game with various sizes gears for a spectacular chain reaction; everything starts moving as soon as the crank is turned.

You learn, while having fun, some simple mechanics principles and you discover extraordinary optical effects.

4 Large gears
4 Medium gears
4 Small gears
13 Interlocking plates
4 Stickers for large and 2 for medium gears
White pins and crank

Ages: 3-5 years

Made in Italy

Green Toys

An educational line that thinks Green!

Many environmentally friendly toys designed for those who care about nature. With the PlayBio and PlayEco+ lines, children can grow, learn and become environmentally aware citizens.

PlayBio toys are made of a special bioplastic consisting of 40% wood fibres. The natural component is emphasised by warm colours and a fragrance that evokes a pristine forest; while Play Eco+ toys are made of recycled plastic from waste separation.

The special materials used in the production of our eco-toys make them as unique and individual as nature in all its manifestations.