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The larger the mane of a lion, the more frightening it is for intruders of its territory, which it defends.
Lions are the only ones who hunt together in prides - although this task is usually left to the lionesses.
Since they are not very fast, unlike the cheetah, they use their strength as a pride.
They prowl from different directions, circle their prey and use the element of surprise.
That way they can kill large ungulates such as wildebeest and zebras and even buffalos and weak elephants.

Fun Fact

Male lions have a majestic mane fit for a king. How do they fit a crown with all that hair?

Scientific facts

  • Scientific name : Panthera leo
  • Global Home : Africa
  • Conservation Status : Vulnerable
  • Primary habitat : Dry Savanna, Subtropical Shrubland, Subtropical Grassland
Age Recommendation 3-8 years
  • A lustrous mane. Powerful paws. A whisker smaller than wild lions, but otherwise a stunning replica.
  • Eager to lead you to lost treasure, battle an ice monster, or travel wherever your next story takes you.
  • Hold a Schleich lion in your hand and you'll feel the difference.
  • The perfect size for use as a lion cake topper or in safari-themed dioramas.
  • Ready to be the mane attraction in toy collections for boys and girls ages 3 and up.