Hape - 6 in 1 Music Maker

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If there’s one toy that can satisfy all your young child’s musical needs, then surely it’s the 6-in-1 Music Maker, which includes a tambourine, xylophone, drum and more.

Play Tips

Play the drum, shake the tambourine, ring the bell, scratch the board, rattle the ball or play the xylophone with the innovative 6-in-1 Music Maker.


• The 6-in-1 Music Maker is a multifunctional guitar-shaped toy instrument that features six different musical elements, including a drum, xylophone, rattle ball, bell, scratch board and tambourine.
• Easy to carry around.
• Features bright colours and strong graphics. • Innovative, 6-in-1 design. • Made from high-quality, durable wood.
• Suitable for children aged 18 months and up.