Anamalz - Wooden Lion

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"I like hashtags because they look like tiny waffles ##."

Roarrr! Get ready to pounce into a world of imaginative play with the Anamalz Lion! This majestic beast may be cute, but it's also a wild and impressive creature with a soft, colourful mane and a flexible neck that can bend any which way. And those legs? They were made for speed! Perfectly sized for tiny hands, this beechwood-bodied lion is the ultimate playmate for your little one's creative adventures.

But that's not all - Anamalz knows that the environment and your child's safety are important too! That's why we use eco-friendly materials like forest plantation beech wood and TPR for the horns, child-safe paint, formaldehyde-free glue, and fabric free of harmful AZO dyes. Let your little one's imagination run wild, knowing that they're playing with a toy that's not only fun, but safe and sustainable too.