Anamalz - Wooden Elephant

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"Just in case no one tells you today, hello, good morning, you're doing great, I believe in you."

Behold! The most adorable elephant you've ever laid your eyes on! With huge, velvety grey ears and a long, floppy trunk, this little guy will steal your heart in a second. And did you know his horns are made from soft TPR, an eco alternative to plastic? Plus, he's got flexible rope legs that let him strike a pose like nobody's business - he can even balance on one foot if you ask him nicely!

Anamalz aren't just cute, they're responsible too. They use beech wood from sustainable plantations, and their horns are made from FDA-approved TPR instead of harmful plastics. Safety is their top priority, so you can rest easy knowing that their paint is safe for kiddos, their glues don't contain formaldehyde, and they don't use any yucky AZO dyes in their fabrics.