We are small family-run board games company based in Rhode Island, USA. Our crazy little family at BANANAGRAMS INC. aspires to help people everywhere rediscover a love for tabletop games. We strive to produce games with super simple rules, extraordinary packaging, and high quality, tactile components that you won’t want to put down. To learn more about our HISTORY click here.

You don’t have to be bananas to make great games, although it certainly helps! We continue to evolve here at Bananagrams, Inc., bringing you new family favorite table-top games. Our global phenomenon, BANANAGRAMS, is played by millions worldwide in over 30 countries and in 16 different languages. We’re not just bananas, we’re also crazy about our new line up of fresh games that can be enjoyed by anybody; no matter their age or expertise.

So thank you for coming to our website and checking us out. We hope you enjoy playing BANANAGRAMS and the rest of our games as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.



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