Wodibow Green Riders - Helicopter

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With their clean energy, they go where they are needed to help the planet

The Green Riders are here, five toys we define as ECO explorers. These brave riders travel at full speed using renewable energy to save the planet. They help whales find their way, pull plastic islands from the sea, extinguish fires in forests, help hurt animals, and as many adventures as you can imagine.

The Green Riders are 100% beechwood from sustainable forests. Playing with the Eco explorers, children will learn that it is a fun adventure protecting our planet by using green energies.

The Green Riders always together

The helmets of the Green Riders allow them to stay always connected and coordinate themselves in their adventures. Besides, they stay safe when traveling.

Clean energy and planet protection

You can recharge the fast vehicles the Green Riders command only with clean or renewable energies. These energies provide tons of power, but without harming the planet.

Dimensions 23 x 23 x 14 cm