Twigg Wooden Puzzle - Safari Dream

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The photos do not do this puzzle justice to the amazing features on this puzzle.

You have to build that frame that surrounds the image (how cool is that)!

This is the largest puzzle in the range and is the first of a kind from their creations. They really stepped out of their comfort zone with this one and love how it turned out. The image is from a photoshop artist and hence the ability to create such an interesting and unique piece.

The puzzle is filled with all things African and tribal and you will not want to step away from the table once you have started this one. 

It is a challenging puzzle at 450 pieces, but oh so worth it!

  • Number of Pieces: 450 puzzle pieces
  • Shape: Rectangular with frame edging
  • Size of the puzzle: 440 x 540mm
  • Difficulty level: difficult