Navir - Super 40 RED Binoculars

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Red Binoculars in ABS plastic. Supplied with neck straps and cover lens equipped with a blocking system on the lens to prevent loss. The variable interpupillary distance (from 49 to 78 mm) permits correct use even by children.


  • Objective lens: diameter 40 mm
  • Optics: 4 elements
  • Magnification: 3.5 times
  • Focus regulation with central micrometric screw
  • Regulation of the interpupillary distance

Ages 4 and up
Made in Italy
Brand name: Navir

What is an objective lens? The objective lens is used to form an image to be viewed. It is at the front of the binoculars. In general the larger the objective the more light can be collected therefore the more defined the image, even in poor light.