SPEKS - Fleks Flexible Silicone Fidget Magnets

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Bend 'em. Snap 'em. Build 'em.

Flexible silicone X’s with a magnet in every end.

Meet Fleks, the world’s first silicone fidget magnets. Satisfyingly soft to the touch, the 6 pieces combine to make hundreds of different shapes. Fleks combine the power of a squeezable stress ball with the creativity of Speks magnet balls, so stretch your imagination with endless ways to fidget and create. 


Swallowed magnets can damage internal organs and have resulted in DEATH and SERIOUS INJURIES.

• Keep away from ALL children.

• Be aware of dropped or separated magnets.

• NEVER put near mouth or nose.

Seek prompt medical attention if you think magnet(s) have been swallowed or inhaled.