Schleich - Limited-Edition Midnight T-Rex 72175

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An eerie quiet falls in the prehistoric jungle. Not a creature stirs. The air hangs thick and heavy. Under a dense tree canopy, a new predator stalks…midnight T-Rex moves in silence, stealthy in the fading light. Terror awaits in the dark! A special-edition midnight T-Rex toy with haunting, lifelike texture and a spine-tingling snarl, this special-edition midnight T-Rex prowls into the Schleich Dinosaurs collection for a limited time.
  • Hunted by dino enthusiasts, Midnight T-Rex is a timeless collectible…but he'll soon vanish like a shadow in the dark of night. Catch him before he fades into legend!
  • So lifelike, other dinosaur toys run for cover when Midnight T-Rex prowls into the room…let's get outta here!
  • Meteors and volcanos spelled doom for dinosaurs, but they're no match for this prehistoric predator: schleich® toys are tough enough for any extinction event.
  • Midnight T-Rex is part of the expanding schleich® DINOSAURS collection, a theme world erupting with dino adventure sets, dino research stations, and realistic dinosaur toys.
  • The fiery glow of candles on a birthday cake lures the Midnight T-Rex…will he blow out the candles, or stomp on the cake? Makes a great T-Rex gift for kids and dino enthusiasts ages 5 and up.
  • schleich® dinosaur toys introduce the limitless possibilities of storytelling and imaginative play. From fierce Velociraptor figurines and the popular brachiosaurus toy, schleich® DINOSAURS let your stories run wild.