Bocchetta Plush Toys - 'Jett' the Flying Fox

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Jett is a realistic flying fox soft plush toy stuffed animal.  He is also known as a fruit bat.  Jett has a loop on his back should you wish to hang him up and velcro so that you can close his wings.

Flying foxes are intelligent and remarkable. These unique animals help regenerate our forests and keep ecosystems healthy through pollination and seed dispersal. Flying foxes are bats that live off nectar, pollen, and fruit. They don’t use sonar-like smaller, insect-eating bats, they use their eyes and ears like us. They are also listed as Vulnerable to extinction

Jett measures 30cm/12″ from the tip of his nose to the end of his feet, with a wingspan of 51cm/20″.

  • The perfect souvenir
  • Excellent gift for children
  • Use as an education toy to promote conservation of these cute Australian Native animals
  • Made using highest quality acrylic fur
  • Machine washable using chemical/soap-free cleaning agent
  • Suitable for ages 3+

Part of the Bocchetta Plush Toys “Australian Animals” and “Flying Foxes”  Soft Toy Collections.