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Super kawaii dino enamel pins to those palaeontologists who like cute things!

Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as a murder chicken. Has scary Bits, thunder thighs, and itty bitty arms. Definitely bad at hugs.

Pteranodon, also known as a Jurassic flap flap. Pretends to be a dinosaur but is just a flying reptile. Screams a lot and eats too much seafood.

Velociraptor also known as the killer floof. Has feathers, won’t fly. Probably a loner but buddies up to take on big steaks.

Brachiosaurus, also known as the giraffe dino, were tall bois who weren’t afraid of heights. Lazy as, would only stay on flat land and only ate what they could see without swallowing.

Stegosaurus, also known as the dorito back, was dumber than the average dino. It was also slow physically, and ate rocks for fun with its beak.