Wheely Windpower - 6 in 1 Wind-Powered Robot

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The Wheely Windpower doesn’t need batteries, wind turbines or a motor to move - with just a gentle breeze, the six different robots will walk, sail or even simulate flying!
And if there’s no wind, the handheld wind generator can create wind power and propel the robots.

There are six different fun and fascinating robots for you to explore -
Big Wheel Tricycle with sophisticated planetary gears to trigger the giant vehicle; 
Drilling Monster with a giant drilling bit to smash dirt and rock while moving forward; 
Soaring Machine where the wings of the soaring machine swing with the melody of the wind; 
Robot is a cute, wobbly answer to the question of where we can find clean energy sources; 
Wind Yacht is an eco-friendly yacht that goes faster than you expect on a stream or in a bath; 
Quadruped is a quirky four-footed robot animal that loves to walk in the breeze.

Not only does the handheld wind generator power the six amazing robots, it can also be used as a handheld, green-energy fan to cool you down on a hot day!

Suitable for ages 8 years+