Milaniwood Colourful Sudokino


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Simplified challenge for young children, with levels even for adults.

The coloured Sudoku has a simplified grid of 6x6 squares, divided into 6 squares. It is played with colours instead of numbers and has 60 game diagrams with 3 levels of difficulty.

Even if children don't know how to count, they can play thanks to the colours, the grids and the simplified diagrams; adults can use the most difficult schemes.
Whoever places the tiles in the boxes wins so that each colour appears only once in each column (vertical), in each row (horizontal) and in each of the 6 squares.

The coloured Sudoku is loved by the whole family because it transforms one of the most appreciated logic games into a wooden object with contemporary colours and design.
Measurements: 20 X 20 X 2,5

Since 1924 Milaniwood has created beautiful things from wood. Today, nearly 100 years later, they combine experience with modern technology and their team of young designers continue to refresh old ideas and innovate new ones. Still 100% made in Italy.

All Milaniwood products appeal to children and adults alike. They are fun to play with for all ages and their beautiful appearance make them as much at home in the lounge room as in the child’s bedroom. Games that live on coffee tables are much more likely to be played than those stowed away in the cupboards.