4M - KidzLabs - Mega Hydraulic Arm

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Discover the amazing science behind hydraulic power!

Water is all you need to power this multi-axis robot!

Contains 4 Handles, 1 Handle Cover, 1 Left Claw, 1 Right Claw, 2 Claw Connector, 3 Peg, 2 Stopper, 1 Slider Bottom, 1 Syringe Cover, 1 Slider Top, 1 Syringe Hinge, 1 Syringe Holder, 6 Needle Cap, 7 Plunger Cap, 4 Handle Cap, 1 Base Plate, 1 Claw Frame, 1 Rotating Frame, Top Arm Frame, Rotating Base, 8 Syringe Barrel & Plunger, Claw Pads, Long Tube, 2 Medium Tube, Short Tube, 11 Small Screws, Adhesive Tab, 2 Washer Screw. Also required but not included in this kit: A small cross head screwdriver, lubricant (lotion) and a used, cleaned tin can. The robot arm is approximately 48cm long and 28cm tall when assembled.

Ages 8+